Thursday, 24 November 2016

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Bulk voice Sms is the best way to promote the promotional services. BULK sms is very effective and efficient source to reach users and understand also. Now a day’s more and more medium and small sized companies are using voice call to communicate with their clients and to reach new potential customers. So don’t be left behind in the competition. So start using bulk voice call as your preferred communication and marketing method . Bulk Voice sms services is very helpful to convey the message in huge amount to the user at same time. So this services is less time taker and effective.


    1:  Record the voice message which we want to send to the user.
    2: Add recipients name and send .
    3:  Process shows the complete in which user received your voice message .

Effective : Reach your customers across regions in their native language.

Greater ReachContact customers on their mobiles and even on land lines.

Reduced Costs: Automate business processes and reduce costs significantly.

Increased ResponsesGreater response due to increased interest levels.
Easy in process: It is easy to use .

Effective Result:- When we use this services the output result will be better than the Simple text SMS.

Reliable:- VOICE SMS is more reliable than text SMS because in this time people are ignoring the simple text messages. So the voice SMS is more reliable.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Bulk Mail Service:

    Bulk Mail Service is the very effective and easy way to communicate the information in the Bulk form i.e. Mail the information to the multiple user at same time. Bulk mail promotion service is less time taker technique to send our messages to the user through mail.

Bulk mail service is better than Bulk Text SMS service:

     Bulk mail is cost effective than Bulk Text SMS. Bulk mail send with internet connection but Text SMS is costly because it pay for every SMS.
Bulk mail is simple to send via email. We select the recipient and send the mail through our mail account

Advantage of Bulk Mail:

COST EFFECTIVE: It is cost effective than other ways.

LESS TIME TAKER: Bulk mail is less time taker and send the mail within second to the thousand recipient.

EASY TO USE: Mail system is very easy to use because it is like messaging system.

EFFECTIVE WAY FOR PROMOTION: Bulk mail is also a effective way for promotions.

EASY WAY FOR COMMUNICATION: Mailing is easy way to communicate the other and share the information between he user.


Monday, 17 October 2016

@9015776679 Bizox Start services with only 999Rs.* for Mobile apps.


                  Mobile application is the software which runs on the Mobile phone easily. Mobile apps is the application software which is developed by the software developer for use on small computing device, wireless computing device to the user.... like Smart phones(Android and IOS) and Tablet.


         Android is a operating system and it is Linux based operating system. Android developed for the Touch screen or Smart phone and Tablets. Android is the light weighted program which provide comfort interface to the user with smart phone.


        iOS  is formerly iPhone Operating system . iOS is the Mobile Operating System which is developed by Apple Inc. iOS application developed by the developer for the iOS phone and iPad.

Advantage of Mobile Application:

1: Mobile application is provide the services to use on Mobile. i.e. We can access information on mobile like the desktop and laptop.

2: Cost effective: When we can get service on small device and less costly device than Laptop then it will be cost effect for use.

3: Less time taker: Mobile application is taken less time comparison to the web application because mobile application  is light weighted.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

8010604033@ BULK VOICE SMS Services provider in Punjab||Chandigarh||Delhi with best cost price.

Yes, Bulk voice SMS service is a effective way to promote your services and products in your self-voice recording. Through voice SMS you can easily convey the message in attractive and effective way. Whenever you want to convey the messages in huge amount then you have to choose this service.

In the process of voice SMS is necessary to record the message in voice recorder.
Then select the all recipients to convey the voice messages.
And at last convey the messages in huge amount at a time.


EFFECTIVE:- VOICE SMS is more effective than TEXT SMS because of message format.

RELIABLE:- VOICE SMS is more reliable than text SMS because in this time people are ignoring the simple text messages. So the voice SMS is more reliable.

LESS TIME CONSUME IN PROCESS:- It is less time consuming way to Conway the messages because only one time records the messages and then convey the message to bulk recipient.

EFFECTIVE RESULT:- When we use this services the output result will be better than the Simple text SMS.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

9015776679@Create Your Business Through Website Design Start Price 599*

Website designing is the subset of the website development. Website pages is the collection of attractive images , link , pictures. CODA 2 is the most powerful tool for website designing and development with text editing, file management, clip, sites, and Mysql database support.
      Website development refers the create the website and deploy on the web server. Website development requires the scripting language like sever-side coding and client –side coding.

Website Development process:
1: PURPOSE:  We have to purpose to design the website i.e. we know the requirement of the customer.
2: PLANNING: Second step is the planning step of website development. In this step we plan the designing of the website.
3: DESIGN: Third step is Designing of the web development.
4: COLLECTION OF CONTENT : The collection of the elements like pictures, videos, audios etc. for the particular website related information.
5: BUILDING : Building stage of the website designing is the  Coding phase.
6: TESTING: Testing phase is the checking phase of the requirement fulfillment.
7: UPLOAD ON WEB SERVER: It is the last and important phase of the software development. In this phase deploy the website on the web server

STATIC WEBSITE: Static website refer the same information the different users on the website.

DYNAMIC WEBSITE: Dynamic website refers the different content provider to the different visitor on the same web page.

CMS WEBSITE: CMS(content management system) refers the functionality of the database system.

E-COMMERCE: E-commerce is the technique where purchase and selling processing under in electronically.

WEB PORTAL: Web portal is the space where resources and information are available on the end user site.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

9015776679@GPS TRACKING SYSTEM for Vehicles||Mobiles||Car||Bike|| in Delhi||Noida||Gurgaon

GPS(GlobalPositioning System): Global Positioning  System is a global navigation satellite system. GPS was deliberated for the military but in 1980s, the Govt. made the system for civilian use. The GPS system is use for getting position information of particular things.

How GPS tacking works?
Step 1: Tracking information stored on internal “Black Box” and GPS SATELLITE track signal of the vehicle 24 hour.
Step 2: GPS  system transfer the Data to Cellular Tower when in range of network tower.
Step 3: After this step data transfer the web server and store the location of the vehicle.
Step 4: And the last step of the GPS system is view to the Desktop or mobile phone through the Internet connection.

Advantage of GPS tracker:
Mobility: The GPS system is a movable easily from one place to another place .
Global coverage: The coverage of the GPS system is Global.
Weather Independent: The GPS system has weather in-dependency property.
24*7 availability: The system work 24*7 without break because it has battery to keep on the GPS system.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

SEO Definition and Services provides by SEO

DEFINITION: SEO means the optimization of the website for the search engine. SEO manager works with his tool to come on Search engine’s first page. SEO understand the algorithm of the search engine and work with website according to algorithm to maintain the rank position of the website.

SEARCH ENGINE RANK: When we search with any keywords using search engine then shows the thousand result. And page ranking is measured by the position of the website on the search engine display. If any search engine is displayed your site on first position then the rank will be 1 of that website.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) PROCESS: Search Engine Optimization process shows in the following figure……............................

OFF PAGE SEO:  Off page SEO means Link Building through below methods-
·         Directory submission
·         Bookmarking submission
·         Classified submission
·         B2B (Business 2 Business)
·         Blog Submission
·         Blog commenting
·         Form Submission…etc.

ON PAGE SEO: ON page SEO  refers to activities which is performed by SEO through coding with help of below-
·         Meta tags
·         Meta description
·         Meta keywords
·         Robot text
·         Google verification code generate
·         Site verification code

·         Local listing

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